Nurse Station in Ambohibary

Some History on the Station

The Lord called Rivers of Life into a project in 2006 with the goal of bringing Medical Care to the rural areas surrounding Andranamadio Lutheran Hospital in Antsirabe, Madagascar.

Dr. Harison, Director of Andranamadio Hospital, and Pastor Joseph, the District President of the Lutheran Church, selected the Church at Ambohibary to be the first Nurse Station site because of their need and the gifting of their pastor, Pastor Alain, who has a genuine heart for his people.

Meeting With Ambohibary Pastors

Kathie and I traveled to Ambohibary with Dr. Harison and his wife Domoina, who coincidently was heading up an HIV testing and awareness event that very day at the local church. When we arrived, we met with pastors from the Ambohibary region and talked about the delays and the lack progress on the Nurse Station or “Clinic”. Dr. Harison explained that the General Contractor originally controlling the project had gone over estimate by quite a bit and that the project had been put on hold until we could meet and find a way to proceed. Harison explained that originally the project had been estimated by the contractor to be $6000, but his new estimate to complete the project was closer to $20,000, and we were not receiving progress reports as we had agreed. So Dr. Harison had frozen the project in late 2007.

The pastors said that the churches in the Ambohibary region were willing and able to take over the project using church members and local workers to complete the Clinic. This was good news! The church was ready to build its own clinic. We told them that we would do everything possible to get the word out and that, God willing, the funds to do the work would be there as needed. We closed the meeting in prayer asking the Lord to protect, bless and provide.


An Answer to Prayers

For the hospital and the church leadership, this Clinic is an answer to years of prayer and is only the first of many clinics that Pastor Joseph dreamed would be built in his district. To say the least, this is an important first project and everyone has been struggling. In Ambohibary, rumors had spread accusing Pastor Alain of taking money from the project. It had been a very difficult time for his family.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, a young pastor with a heavy heart was waiting for us; Pastor Alain was in Antsirabe to support a parishioner who was called to court. We met with Alain and told him about our meeting with the pastors in Ambohibary. We asked him if he agreed that Ambohibary should take over the project. He said, "yes". We were newly aware of the hardship of the past on Alain and his family. He was weary and tender but still hopeful and resolved to do the Lord’s work.


Plans for Completion

Dr. Harison explained about the budget that Pastor Alain and his building committee would need to provide, the progress reports that would be required and how the funds would be released for the project. Pastor Alain understood and agreed to take on the clinic project on behalf of his church. We prayed together and asked the Lord to bless and protect the project.

That evening Pastor Alain returned to Dr. Harison’s home with his wife and two church members. Dr. Harison reviewed with these church leaders the need for progress reports and how the project would receive funds needed to complete the Clinic. At the end of this time we spoke with Pastor Alain’s wife and told her we were so sorry for the hardship her family had endured as the accusations of theft and mishandling of building funds snaked their way through the congregation.


Budget Needs

The next day towards evening, Pastor Alain returned with a 6 page-detailed budget for the completion of the clinic. The Ambohibary region pastors and the new building committee had met all day to hammer out the budget and get it to Rivers of Life before we left the country. Dr. Harison was amazed, and we were all delighted to see the Lord working everything to His glory and good way. Hallelujah! The new budget cut the costs to complete the clinic almost in half to about $6500. This was great! Dr. Harison wanted us to be aware of the additional need to furnish the clinic with desks, chairs, cabinets and medical supplies. On the morning of our last day, we met with Pastor Joseph, District President of the Lutheran Church, and his wife to receive his approval to proceed and pray together. It was a good meeting.

The Ambohibary Church needs $6500 to complete this first clinic building and possibly another $2000 to furnish it. Dr. Harison believes that the clinic will be self-supporting with a full-time Doctor and Nurse on site. Pastor Alain is ready and able to provide spiritual care to all who may come to the clinic in need.

Pastor Alain said that many of his people have no money but they are willing to help anyway they can - shoveling dirt or carrying bricks. Is there a brick the Lord would have you carry to this project? Please pray for this Kingdom work and ask the Lord if you are a part of His plan for the Clinic at Ambohibary.